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There are brands which hold the minds of the consumer for long durations and then there are brands which though relatively new in the market, come up with unique innovations, offerings and visibility strategies to capture the market with a storm and hold the consumers mind. These are the brands which symbolize quality, status & trust and are recognized as Promising Brands.

The question arises, what sets these Promising Brands apart from other brands? For one, these brands have constantly been able to innovate, to adapt and leverage the ever changing marketplace. These brands have also been able to innovate in terms of product, pricing, solutions, business models, packaging, delivery, placement and more. This has led to their acceptance in the market place resulting in a strong following, healthy profit margins and rapid expansion plans. It is also a fact that a number of the brands mentioned here in this book are recently launched ones. These brands have come up with new business models which did not exist earlier. There are other heritage brands which are also featured in the Brand Book and they find a mention here as they have challenged the status quo. They have shown the grit and gumption to affect change and be relevant to the current market context.

In this brand book, we study the very genetic fiber of these Promising brands. What sets these brands apart? What creates niche identity in the mind of consumers and enhances recall value? What are the latest innovations that have left lasting imprint on consumers mind? What makes these brands… Promising Brands
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